Lighting is an essential aspect of any home or office design. It not only provides functionality but also sets the mood and enhances the overall aesthetic of a space

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Lighting acts as the key to living spaces. At this stage, you can illuminate your home with dozens of lamps. Lamps that provide savings with low fuel and also illuminate your living spaces are among the MuchMore Furniture options.
While different lighting devices light up your home, they also take on important tasks for its decor. In this sense, MuchMore, which offers the most suitable lighting options with energy saving lamps, offers you innovative lighting options such as table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, pendants, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lighting, and outdoor lighting.
Lighting is the key point in every room. For this reason, MuchMore offers you the perfect lighting options for your space with plenty of lighting options. First of all, table lamps have evolved over the years from essential task lighting to creating a design statement while creating ambiance. Especially MuchMore wide range of table lamps follow these trends. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or quirky, you'll love the stunning shapes and designs in our collection.
Silk lampshades from top designers and our seasonless metal on glass or ceramic floors add a stylish touch to a room. Blue and white ceramics never go out of style. If you like traditional designs, vintage-looking table lamps may suit you very well. Popular charming, rustic designed lamps offer neutral color options to complement any room color. However, if you want to add color to your lamp, our vibrant ceramic color options and our mini table lamps in harmonious tones can brighten up your decor.

Especially lamps and lighting reveal the most important details of living spaces. In this sense, lamps that provide illumination and light are important. Brightness, color, the direction the light comes from are the main issues that affect your quality of life. Personally, lighting reveals different needs. In this sense, some people may be uncomfortable with different light colors. For example, white light can be very annoying. For this reason, it is preferred to prefer different light sources. MuchMore Furniture lighting options include different color lights for the needs of people. You can look at MuchMore Furniture lighting options for the dim or very bright light source and lamp types you are looking for.
People who are busy and active during the day look for a calmer environment in their homes. For this reason, one of the elements that provide calmness is lighting. These people prefer more dim lighting. In this way, reading books and watching movies add more energy to them. In this way, a comfortable viewing away from headache is provided. Light power and quality adjustable lamps have features that meet your needs with MuchMore. Thus, there are dozens of lamps and lighting options where you can get dim lights.
While you can get a dim light thanks to the lamps with adjustable power, you can also have more lighting opportunities in case the room light is insufficient. While a bedroom should be away from light for comfortable sleep, a living room should have the necessary lighting to celebrate with your loved ones. Quality sleep may require a dark environment. At this stage, the ambient light It is up to you to choose different alternative products that will affect the power and strength of MuchMore Furniture.
MuchMore Furniture offers you alternatives for those who are looking for a lighting options suitable for nostalgia and retrospective. If you are a fan of nostalgia, there are different lighting options for you. Lamps with multi-colored or plain colors can also come to your living spaces with a little show.
It is possible to talk about lamps with different lighting options. Among the lighting options, incandescent lamps, fluorescent Lamps, Gas Lamps can be used as options. Today, the most preferred one is incandescent lamps. The base of most lamps is made similarly. Basically, the base is a current with a wire running through it. The purpose is to pass an electric current through the light bulb. There is a cut-off switch that stops and starts the electricity flow according to the users' request. Incandescent bulbs are the cheapest. Most commonly incandescent lamps are used in any dwelling. They are glass ampoules with a small amount of inert gas instead of plain air. The contacts on the base protrude towards the inside of the bulb. In the center of the bulb is a wire made of pure tungsten. In a low-oxygen environment, tungsten glows when electricity is passed through it and emits a large amount of light.
In addition to the shape and design of your living space individually, the lamps with the best lighting options in accordance with the decor are included in the MuchMore product range.